Amazon Prime Instant Video

Amazon Video is an Internet video on demand service developed and operated by Offers TV shows and movies for rent or purchase and as part of Amazon Primede subscription selected titles can be seen exclusively full members of Prime or Prime video, in which membership video allows viewing without full Prime. Like its competitors, Amazon has carried out a series of agreements of exclusive content to differentiate its service, which includes a license agreement with HBO several years in the United States. [1]

Launched on 7 September 2006 as Amazon Unbox in the United States, the service grew with its expanding library, and the number of members First video with the development of Prime is added. Then it was renamed as Amazon Instant Video and Demand . After acquiring local transmission and DVD by mail LoveFilm service in 2011, the first video was added to Prime in the UK, Germany and Austria in 2014, a decision that angered some members First UK as the group was not negotiable 61% increase in subscription fee. [2]

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In the United Kingdom, Germany and Austria, the first video has been available on a monthly subscription of £ 5.99 or 7.99 € per month, continuing the plan instantly LoveFilm. [3] The service was previously available in Norway, Denmark and Sweden in 2012, but was discontinued in 2013. [4] on April 18, 2016, divides Amazon Prime Amazon Prime video in the US by $ 8.99 / m [5] The service also receives the original Amazon content along with titles in video as well.


The service debuted on September 7, 2006, as Amazon Unbox in the United States. [6] On September 4, 2008, the service was renamed Amazon Video on Demand . Unbox name still refers to the local program, [7] [8] , which from August 2014 is no longer available for downloading purchased videos. On 22 February 2011, the service renamed Amazon Instant Video and added access to 5,000 movies and TV shows paraAmazon Prime members. [9] [10] On September 4, 2012, Amazon signed an agreement with the channel pay TV Epix for background movies on its streaming service in an attempt to compete with its competitor Netflix. [11] in addition, in November 2013, Amazon premiered comedies Alpha House and Betas , which are original series available exclusively on service line through Prime Instant video. Amazon offered the first three episodes of the two series at a time for free, with each subsequent episode released weekly thereafter for Prime members. [12]

In February 2014, Amazon announced that the streaming service of its UK subsidiary LoveFilm Instant Video service would be incorporated on February 26, 2014. [13] [14] In January 2015, Transparent became the first show produced Studies by Amazon win a grand prize and the first series of a video streaming service to win the golden Globe for Best Television series -. Musical or Comedy [15]

On July 30, 2015, Amazon announced that it had hired Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May to produce a car program untitled Amazon Prime video that was later called the Grand Tour . Jeff Bezos or had indicated the amount of Clarkson, Hammond, May or paid to produce the program through his production company W. Zoquete & Sons, but Jeff Bezos said the deal was “very expensive but worth “. [16] the budget for the show has not been officially announced, but Andy Wilman, former executive producer of Top Gear said that each episode would have a budget of around £ 4.5 million, nine times top gear budget. [17] also in July, Amazon announced plans to expand the service in India. [18]

In September 2015, the word “immediately” fell from his title in the US, and became known simply as Amazon Video . [19]

Amazon announced in November 2016 that it planned to broadcast the Grand Tour worldwide, although it did not involve whether the full Amazon Video service would begin an international deployment generally similar to Netflix manner. [20]


Video quality

Depending on the device, Amazon supports up to 1080p (HD) with streaming Dolby Digital 5.1 or Dolby Digital Plus audio. For titles that are only available for purchase (not included in a customer first Amazonsuscripción), the HD option is often offered at additional cost.Amazon Video supports 4K (UHD) and streaming High Dynamic Range (HDR) from its original content. [21]


Amazon Video is currently only available to residents of the US, UK, Japan, Germany and Austria. [22] [23] There is also a growing trend among those living outside the countries of Amazon available Video use a VPN to get around the geographical restrictions. [24]customers can listen Amazon video on the web using an HTML5 player supported in Chrome, and IE11 Microsoft Edge browsers, or using Microsoft Silverlight [25] in Firefox.

Use in multiple TVs, Blu-ray and game consoles (including Panasonic, LG, Samsung and other TV) requires a broadband connection.Amazon Video is also available in the latest PlayStation, Xbox, Wii and Wii video game Uconsolas.

On October 1, 2015, Amazon announced that Chromecast and Apple TV products were banned from sale in its online market from 29 October 2015. Amazon argued that this was to reduce “customer confusion”, as these devices are not compatible with Amazon Video ecosystem.


The 35 best things to see in Amazon Prime Instant Video

Our choice of the highlights of the streaming service, updated for July 2016

We know, we know: not much variety these days. You can not just sit and watch a movie Because there are too many to choose from, so you just spend hours scrolling through the possible movie and then go to bed.

Not now, it does not – everything on this list is worth seeing. And we know, as all of them have looked. The lengths that will keep him happy, uh guys …

Of course, to watch movies and TV shows, here you need a subscription Amazon Instant Video Premium.Vamos, he did not think it would be free, right?

You will also need a player that supports it. You can choose from any of the various players more Google Chromecast Roku, Sony PlayStation, Microsoft Xbox One and, of course, Amazon Fire TV and Amazon Fire Stick. In fact, you’ll find some incredible deals day Amazon Prime Amazon Fire TV Stick at this time.

He also got Netflix? Then you’ll want to check out our 40 best movies and TV shows on Netflix UK and New Netflix in the UK charts.


A drone of office during the day, Elliott Alderson (brilliantly played by Rami Malek) is also a morphine-dependent keyboards vigilante hacks the lives of everyone she meets. That is, until attracted by Mr. Robot (Christian Slater) to join the group of hacktivists ‘F Company’, whose plan Grand is to cancel the debt of the world attacking the ubiquitous E Corp. conglomerate (S Mal Corp, as Elliott called).

Cue a trip by a rabbit hole that is threaded through dream sequences, Lynchian episode reflections of life on the trick variability of the human mind, and a sense of mounting paranoia that leaves you suspect everything, even the radiator Elliott malfunction.

That Mr. Robot resists ‘Computers for Dummies’ Hollywood approach to Internet is just one of the reasons why it’s great. The others are that is elegant shot, unpredictable and offers a new take on the cyberpunk, while the use of their influences ( The Matrix , Fight Club and American Psycho ) as proudly as the logo on the shirt of his character principal.

Season 1 is available for binge-watching at the moment, while season 2 discloses an episode a week, every Thursday.

Watch Mr. Robot Amazon Prime Instant Video


Before director Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu became a heavyweight in Hollywood (he is the man responsible for The Revenant andBirdman ) made his first film Amores perros in his native Mexico – and was largely a sign of what vendrá.Contando three separate stories that literally bone – crunching crash in fashion on the streets of Mexico City, is a debut that demonstrates skills far beyond a first – time director Gael García Bernal and plonked well and truly on the radar of Hollywood. Just be sure to cover the eyes of Fido During the scenes of dogfights – you do not wish to get some idea.

See Amores Perros Amazon Prime Instant Video


It may be hard to imagine or remember now, but once in a while Formula 1 was a nail-biting, exciting whiteningly knuckles. That was partly to cars, in part, to the endangerment and partly personalities, and maybe it was not combine those three elements more dramatically than in the late 80s and early 90s, when the incredibly Ayrton Senna charismatic world on fire with its bold, aggressive and record breaking racing, much to the chagrin of Alain Prost, with whom a bitter rivalry vicious formed.

It was an incredible few years of intense fighting bothering inside and outside the track, and the most devastating documentary by Asif Kapadia beautifully captures the glamor of racing at the time, the appeal of Senna raw and effortless talent, natural, and devastating consequences of being wrong in a F1 car. If you have a complaint, it is that it is expensive film meant keeping a tight running time that means some incredible amount perdió.Nos glad we have seen a documentary that is twice this time.

View Senna Amazon Prime Instant Video

The X-Files (SEASONS 1-9)

The new series of The X Files , The Producers, which unfortunately refused to call the oldest Mulder folders , has yet to hit VOD, but while we wait to turn up, why not refresh your X-knowledge watching every episode leading up to it .

This will take time – more than 150 hours, in fact – but you meet some old friends elastic, cannibal yellow eyes Eugene Tooms, terribly intense Luther Lee Boggs (played by guest star Brad Dourif), the guy who not I would say the smoking in public places all those these days, and – most memorable of all – a huge wardrobe of coats Scully.

See X – Files on Amazon Prime Instant Video

The imitation game

The imitation game portrays the nail – biting race against time by Turing and his brilliant team of the Center for breaking the code of Britain ‘s top secret, Bletchley Park during the darkest days of World War II.

Benedict Cumberbatch as the clumsy show in one of the most important, interesting, difficult and painful in recent years movies genius steals.

Watch The imitation game on Amazon Instant Video



There is a moment in Paddington , Io will jump off the couch and shout loudly at the knee. Whether you’re a grown-ass eye grown or thick sprog, this filmic ode favorite jam all demon finds a way Nestlé itself around the heartstrings.

It is full of laughter, impeccable voice acting Ben Whishaw and a refreshing take on the inmigración.¿Puede affectionate one Peruvian bear the vile beat Nicole Kidman, and find a home for himself in Blighty? We’re not saying, but you will discover an explosion.

See Paddington in Amazon Instant Video

The Man in the High Castle HIGH (S1)

What if the Allies had lost World War II, and America is currently governed by Germany in its eastern half and Japan in its western half?Well, you can find out in this big budget Amazon Prime original series, a thriller which bears a North America 1960 is “Yes Wohl!” That “Aw Shucks!”.

Dealing with resistance groups metro, several plots and an alternative Cold War (fought between Imperial Japan and the German Reich, now only superpower in the world), which is the kind of series that will attract fans history, science fiction fans and anyone who is at high-concept, high-budget television.

See The Man in the High Castle on Amazon Prime Instant Video


If you thought the Australian cinema began and ended with Crocodile Dundee , get ready for two hours with the Cody family – Melbourne’s response to the Corleone. ‘Crime is the choice of Cody armed robbery (with a point of selling drugs and murder on the side), but things’ve’ve complicated when a young relative, 17 years old, J, reaches stay after his mother dies of a heroin overdose.A soaring performance by Jacki Weaver as the Australian Mob matriarch and Ben Mendelsohn as Pope eldest son (who has never played anyone who is not a bastard?), Animal Kingdom is the film certainly the best organized crime since Departed .

See the animal kingdom in Amazon Prime Instant Video


Look for the word “iconic” in the dictionary and, if not a very good (for this is not really how it’s supposed to work dictionaries), find photos of Anton Corbijn Ian Curtis and Joy Division.

Control , the biopic of Dutch director in recent time leader of the band, probably never be as well regarded as stills but thanks to a nervous and intense performance by Sam Riley, plus the strength of the music of the band and source material for the film ( Touching from a distance , written by Curtis’s widow, Deborah), musical films capture the spirit of a musician with artistic elegance of control .

Control Look at Amazon Instant Video

Under the skin

An alien who takes the form of a woman and traveling through Scotland, seduce men to harvest their flesh. The premise is sufficient for an independent film low budget simple, but there is more than it seems here, as the title. Rarely has there been a bolder piece of cinema.And By this we mean that inexcusably head screws.

To clarify this as science fiction would be an oversimplification. It begins as a straight-up predator movie, but is transformed into a story / road trip most told from the perspective of age abroad. Scarlett Johansson’s performance is unsettling and fascinating.

This is an aggressive form artistic experiments. Director Jonathan Glazer highly stylized visual mix with hidden camera shots; much of the film even sense. But above all it does not matter. is cool enough to attract attention and the feeling of discomfort is so exciting that it will affect Regardless of your understanding.

It will certainly polarize opinions, but if you’re open to something very different is a unique and totally compelling experience.

Look under the skin on Amazon Prime Instant Video



You may adhere to one of the main rules of the horror film shown in Scream – have sex more often than not end in his gruesome death – but elegantly filmed It follows is anything but formulaic thing. His murderer curse haunts the victims slowly but steadily, disguised as a normal passerby, family member or friend, and thatgives It follows a feeling of helpless fear that does not leave until the credits roll.

Look It follows on Amazon Prime Instant Video

The Walking Dead (S1-5)

The zombie apocalypse scenario has now been covered so many times that when the dead will eventually start clawing their way off the ground in a shambling tide of violence brain-hungry, will hardly be worth mentioning. That does not mean that no cracks on the TV, however, and if you are one of the few people who has not seen The Walking Dead , you owe it to yourself to do it now.

See The Walking Dead on Amazon Prime Instant Video


Do not let this fantastic movie is absorbed by its own meme. Yes, the scene bunker culminating with Hitler re-subtitle as Boris Johnson (or whoever – all favorites losers today havebeen performed at least once) can be fun, but not thatshould make it impossible to see the first Originals time without our ring.

Actually it’s not a movie tittery, following the last hours of the life of Hitler with a sweaty intensity as the Allies enclosed in Berlin. Bruno Ganz is excellent and the dictator monorchic increasingly unhinged, and must have at least won the Oscar for Best mustache.

Subsidence see on Amazon Instant Video

The fall (S1-2)

If you missed this drama set-Belfast When it was originally issued by the BBC, Amazon is here to help rectify their mistake. A tense show focused on two compelling characters – Gillian Anderson ices, complex and obsessive detective series murderer Jamie Dornan –The fall is equal parts police procedural thriller and psychological.

Alreadyloggedin all knew that Anderson was a fantastic actor, but former model Dornan is perfectly shaped and surprisingly affecting apparently as a normal, careful man with deep family illness lie just below the surface.

With the second series recently to the lineup of Amazon Prime, and a third right at the BBC, there has never been a better time to grip cold fall get a hold of you.

Look Fall on Amazon Prime Instant Video now

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Sometimes science fiction is all about spaceships and explosions and men in silly costumes waving giant glow sticks at each other, sometimes it’s a vision of the near future, or even a parallel married, that’s near our reality enough to sting correctly.

Eternal Sunshine is mostly a modern love story, the rotation inspired to be in this world that can pay for all the memories of a person specified not erased from his mind. It is complicated and intelligent, but ultimately warm and sincere; Most impressive of all is that it has Jim Carrey and Kate Winslet in her and do not want to shoot any of them.

Watch Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind on Amazon Video


the hurt Locker

Jeremy Renner gets in a suit and bulky hot wind in this taut film, which gets directly on the frontlines of the war in Iraq.

Uncomfortably tense scenes where death is but a wire away SNIP generate serious situations breath – holding, while the underlying physiological figure of war seeps into the performances of the entire cast. Arguably one of the most war films devoid of vegetation and better modern from Black Hawk .

See The Hurt Locker at Amazon Instant Video


Amazon has been trying to “make a Netflix” by creating their own TV shows blockbusting for ages now, but this is the first time I did it well. For starters, it is really transparent bold – tells the story of a sixty-something divorcee announcing his three grown children who always felt different and is now going to live as a woman.

It sounds heavy, and as it is, but it’s expensive darkly funny, with a degree of wit and acuity is still rare even in this golden age of television. The dispute between the three sons (each is fraught withtheir own individual problems and peccadilloes ice) as chucklesome as it is uncomfortable and real. tele amazing.

Look transparent Amazon Prime Instant Video now

Dallas Buyers Club

Matthew McConaughey has done an extraordinary twist in the last couple of years, from among the papers-star of romantic comedies to Oscar contender in the making. And the McConaissance began with this film, which plays Ron Woodruff – a macho Texan who is diagnosed with AIDS within 30 days of life. He quickly defy gloomy predictions of doctors by using unapproved drugs; and establishes a smuggling business in Mexico Pharmaceuticals patient partner. McConaughey easy charisma given way to fierce despair as the film progresses, and Woodruff faces down annoy the prejudice faced by AIDS in the 80s, and bureaucratic indifference of the FDA.

If it seems at first glance a checklist of Oscar bait – AIDS! gay and transgender characters! Weightloss! – It QUICKY is revealed as a compassionate portrait of a man of unshakable many layers.

See Dallas Buyers Club Amazon Prime Instant Video


If Blood, Sweat and war is what they want to see, then Vikings  should be high on your list, still containing some of the best battle scenes TV you can find.

Follow the adventures of Ragnar legendary robber Lothbrok, which begins as a simple farmer – albeit one that claims to be a descendant of the great Norse Odin. He rises to become a respected their settlement Earl Kattegat, while implementing its reputation as a fierce warrior. With plenty of action, deceit, atrocious hairstyles, scenery-chewing performances and almost educational, arguments Viking is necessary to see.

Look at the Vikings on Amazon Prime Instant Video now


Looper  is a ,, futuristic action thriller superb travel time mind-bending that sees Joseph Gordon-Levitt plays the role of a murderer whose work involves putting a bullet in the head of people teleported to turn for a future organization mafia (holy plot, Batman).

But when the poor wretch who appear before him is his future self (played by Bruce Willis), things get rather, well,  complicated .

The intricate plot ice strongly complemented by plenty of action and good performances all, despite Bruce Willis prosthetic nose-like Gordon-Levitt is initially a bit annoying.

Looper see on Netflix

Words of Esat Dedezade


Sons of Anarchy (S1-7)

All seven seasons of theater band outside the law biker Kurt Sutter are now flowing in Amazon Prime, so if you have not binged in the bloody adventures of SAMCRO, no time like the present.

While there are a lot of chaos and carnage to delight thrill – seekers, much of the appeal of the Sons of Anarchy lies in its family drama about Shakespeare, full of dark secrets, jealousy, sins of the father and stabbing back (both figurative and literal). Although not always perfect (the unfortunate period established in Northern Ireland, with a remix fiddle-dee-dee melody of the opening theme, comes to mind), the show offers more than enough compelling drama and complex characterization for keep you hooked right up his harrowing conclusion.

Watch Sons of Anarchy Amazon Prime Instant Video


Always it is going to be a tough ask: Adaptation of Garth Ennis and iconic comic book series Steve Dillon in a television program, but manufacturers Preacher have done an impressive job of it, at least for the first (and time only) season goes.

Instead of slavishly imitating comics, the show is not afraid to go their own way, building a history of beloved characters like Jesse, tulip and Cassidy and theming and thatwill adversaries are certainly to fruition in subsequent seasons, rather than dive straight into the history books. The jury may still be out on whether this approach will pay off, but the style of the first season, humor and drama (thwarting incredibly violent) suggest that it may take to achieve cult status of its own.

View Preacher Amazon Instant Video


The sensationalist media is a great subject for a movie, and Jake Gyllenhaal is breathtakingly nasty as petty criminal become ambulance chasing freelance cameraman Louis Bloom. Gyllenhaal lead man looks like a distant memory here; It seems that something is not right in the way in bloom is a reflection perhaps of his psyche – this is a journalist unattached to journalistic ethics, and a media desperately seeking ever more content to call the attention, thatgives an edge over its rivals.

See Nightcrawler Amazon Prime Instant Video

blue Jasmine

It is no great departure secretsthat recently, Woody Allen has been patchy to say the least. For each film with the charm with open eyesMidnight in Paris , it has been been an endless Vicky Cristina Barcelona . And that’s not to mention a lot of his films in which an incredibly attractive woman falls in love with an old guy and boring Usually starring Emma Roberts. Blue Jasmine is the perfect tonic for these wet fantasies, middle – aged not only because it is starring Cate Blanchett exceptional – it is too expensive fundamentally dislikable. The result is a complicated film about people who are not defined by theirfirst-world problems. Woody without fantasy? We totally agree.

Look Blue Jasmine on Amazon Prime Instant Video

Four Lions

Very dark and very funny, farce account Chris Morris, a group of British Muslims plotting a terrorist attack caused a series of cautious stations to have nightmares about his controversial issue. Elsewhere, it could have been a farce, but Morris has a special talent for placing the unthinkable on the screen and what is funny and sincere, in a kind of strange.

Watch Four Lions on Amazon Prime Instant Video



If you thought the best martial arts films come from Japan or China, The Raid is here to set you derecha.Filmado and configured in Indonesia and directed by Gareth Evans Welsh, this is a sign of silat, the most amazing martial art than ever he has heard.

But this film goes beyond the breathtaking fight scenes. The story is set, but affect, and takes place almost entirely in an apartment block That One of the police, Rama, has to clean up the very nasty evil. It’s exciting from start to finish, and must-watch Whether you’re a fan of movies or martial arts.

See The Raid on Amazon Instant Video

BOSCH (S1-2)

Exclusive Amazon Prime and based on the novel by Michael Connelly black, Titus Welliver this show stars as the eponymous detective in Los Angeles. Bosch, which has to be said, is something like a TV cop cliché (haunted by a troubled past, former military, bit of a stray bullet; distrustful of and distrust for the top brass; damn good at his job), but thanks to the plot turny twisty, charismatic performance of Welliver and supporting cast well, is perfect material binge-watch, and the second season Recently arriving on Amazon, there are now double the amount of material for the tooth.

See Bosch on Amazon Prime Instant Video now

Attack the Block

Foreign descend on Earth with bad intentions. Foreign land in a south London housing estate.Aliens discover that the developments in south London maintain their own kind of dangers. By refusing to pass judgment – whether good or bad – in the action of his teenage protagonist, is left free to make their own decision. Although it is probably too engrossed in the action that bothered. Directed by Joe Cornish (of Adam & Joe fame),  Attack the Block  is scary, funny and very fresh.

See Attack the Block on Amazon Prime Instant Video

The mole

If you like spy dramas served cold instead of shaking or stirring, this adaptation of the 2011 novel by John le Carré should fit the bill of a slide wire tap hidden. Gary Oldman plays wonderfully underrated as a spy-catcher world-weary George Smiley, brought out of retirement to uncover a Soviet mole in the highest echelons of British intelligence, and the cast of stellar cast reads like a who’s who of Anglo aristocracy actress: Colin Firth John Hurt, Tom Hardy, Benedict Cumberbatch and Mark Strong.

Clock mole on Amazon Prime Instant Video

In the loop

As horrendous PR policy Malcolm Tucker, Peter Capaldi takes oath to another level in bright, political comedy and too credible of Armando Iannucci about political inept bunglers their way to war. Some of the best f *** ing takeover in the f *** ing movie.

Look In The Loop on Amazon Prime Instant Video

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Source code is a bit like groundhog day , except their stars a handsome Jake Gyllenhaal, it is carried out almost entirely on a train, and is in thwarting a terrorist plan whichcould level the entire city of Chicago. OK, so maybe it is not so similar to Groundhog Day .

Still, a very good action movie science fiction with enough twists, existential questions and heart so that the hook to the end.

View source code Amazon Prime Instant Video now


It can be set in outer space, but the thriller of Alfonso Cuarón is very contained, grounded, even. No frills or little green dishes but in this case, only a worrying disaster feasible orbiting astronauts leaving thousands stranded Ryan Stone above the Earth.It heavy on the show, but for most of the film, the only person on the screen it is Sandra Bullock – giving best performance of his career as Dr. Stone.

To achieve the extraordinary film long takes in zero gravity, Cuarón uses innovative deception visual effects – The actors were inside a box of delivering their lines while the lights moved around to simulate light sources changing as their characters moved. Then Their faces were composed in spacesuits CGI for the final shot – in many sequences, the only real thing in the plot is the face of Sandra Bullock.

Look gravity on Amazon Prime Instant Video


Woody Harrelson coasting through a lot of movies, but occasionally really takes it out of the bag, and “it” means a performance worthy of an Oscar. He is absolutely brilliant in this Teniente story of a corrupt police esque; It might look like a normal police silent film but is perhaps the biggest surprise of catalog Amazon Instant Video.

View Rampart Amazon Prime Instant Video

apocalypse now

Most war movies churned out by Hollywood are odes, with flags blinkered to thwart imagined heroism, but Apocalypse Now is not like most war movies, like Vietnam was not like most the wars.

Tells the story of a missionary by the Nung River to relieve a rogue colonel of his command, stopping along the way to enjoy some of the most famous scenes of the film: the fusion of drunkenness Captain Willard, helicopters That attack to the sound of Wagner , and surf -mad Colonel Lt. Kilgore with his penchant for napalm.

See  Apocalypse Now on Amazon Instant Video


Young English squaddie Gary Hook (the excellent Jack O’Connell) is implemented in Northern Ireland a year before the events of Bloody Sunday. While many might not think of Belfast as a war zone, Hook soon beached one is Behind Enemy Lines When a house search routine goes wrong. With only street lights and shadows of the company, its search for security leads to a chance encounter with a streetfighter who inadvertently teaches junior hitch how out of his depth he is. ’71 Is more than just good against bad, showing once again that when it comes to the war rarely are many real winners.




Cast film: The range of films contained in the subscription is unfortunately very poor.Often is addressed simply to the Amazon store and asked to box. Only a few hits like James Bond 007 and Kokowääh could be found.

Serial victims: In some high – caliber series like The Big Bang Theory or Breaking Bad providesprofessional have good series entertainment.Other The amount should ask to see them again. A payment model that makes sense, but which we can not really friendly with each other .

Device: Here the Amazon is quite variable: the Kindle, iPad and iPhone, Xbox, PlayStation, Wii and smart TVs are compatible fire. In addition, Amazon Prime Instant Video can also be viewed on the computer.

Price: The subscription costs 49 euros per year, or about 4 euros per month. Who wants to cancel monthly, pay € 7.99 per month.

Conclusion: Because Amazon Prime Instant Video subscription and including as many other advantages waving at as free shipping, subscription is highly recommended.