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Games Smydra (pronounced English [Smeidra Games]) is a gaming website the following text and podcasts also produces videos on YouTube. Farms is the side of the founder Adrian “Adi” and the two editors Smiatek Nicolas “Nick” Zschüttig and Benny Bretschner, all of which are about the same age range.


Games Smydra never was initially intended as a gaming website. To submit your photo arts to the public with the aim of Adrian Smiatek created on May 20, 2010, a site.

During creation, but he chose to be, and transformed the place into a gaming website, named Smydra .This changed after the second member of itself Benny Bretschner joined the site, as it brought the name of games Smydra with . Benny and Adrian knew from school, attending a common class. Both of them ran the website only foreign content sites popular games, but this changed since decided toleave high school and dedicate themselves to the website. They created several games contributions in the form of news, previews, trial and others.

After a tight six months, a fat boy, footballer, he moved to the class of Adrian and Benny. When the ice broke and it became clear that it was in the games, the two decided to take up Nick, and to report on the current world.

After an editorial film “Tron: Legacy” Adrian decided to produce a podcast of the film, the birth canal theYouTube Smydra Games.Numerous news flashes, podcast, game reviews, trailers, talks and more followed until today. Smydra Games has been running regular projects for quite some time. This idea began with the “Adrian and Nicks’ Minecraft Adventure” where Nick and Adrian play adventure maps in the game “Minecraft” project. To this end, every Thursday consequences come in the YouTube channel online.Another project is about to start with Benny and Adrian. This project will run under the name “Adrian and Bennys” secrets “. What will go there soon be available on the website announced.

Since the move in 2011 to the editorial “weebly” Games Smydra is under reach.They try to buy a direction without subdomain advertising revenue, which proves to be very tedious.

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Connect to a world of players with the widest mixing games , videos and live broadcasts in one place.


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Games YouTube channel featuring news, reviews, playthroughs, and more. This channel was generated automatically by YouTubediscovery system video.

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