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25 Top Twitch Streamer to watch in 2015

Here is the list of 25, serpentines Twitch, you should keep an eye on 2015!

Twitch had a record year in 2014, bought for nearly one billion dollars Jeff Bezos and Amazon. Tugging also saw figures for its live coverage of electronic sports games like League of Legends , Dota 2 and Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft continues to grow.

However, while a large part of the success story Twitch attributable eSports and professional players, have solidified Twitch also in the minds of many as an important source of entertainment, then there is no competition.

In fact, Twitch becomes well known now for something that another small site called YouTube be back in the last decade. Twitch has created a lot of celebrities in good faith in their ranks, a large number of strings that are certainly now the “Internet” famous thanks to the following who have built through their flows.

If you are not a regular location, the names listed here are foreign to you. But pulling tension, these boys and girls are rockstjärnor.Ja, some were noticed for the first time are really good at the game that spelar.Men more strings to develop a following not by its leet skills, but simply keeping your viewers entertained.

2015 begins to find its legs, we thought it would be fun to take a look at some of the most popular and entertaining in Twitch banners.Here, in no particular order, are 25 personalities entertained Twitch should seguir.Haga click the channel name to follow!


Probability Morris, “Chunce” as it is called sometimes by viewers, (along with several printed nickname) is an old pro streaming. It began in Xfire, long before Twitch took off. His transition to Twitch can be described as rocky at best, as your audience has a reputation for intentionally mess with it just for fun.The was banned several times and chopped Twitch.

Things began to improve for Soda in May 2013, when he finally got a subscribe button Twitch for more than a year on the site.

Since then, its growth has been quite amazing. It has more than 600,000 followers and more than 78 million visits in total, making it one of the most popular on the site flags. He earned growth, in part, because he is quite good at PvP in World of Warcraft , but because he is not afraid to keep viewers entertained with stupid tricks.


TrumpSC, known in the real world as Jeffrey Shih, is one of the most popular Twitch flags hearthstone . He started but playingStarCraft II while working a regular job. He rose from a game of virtual cards Blizzard during beta and have never seen tillbaka.Trump was the first player to be signed to a professional contract for Hearthstone , a monetary transaction with Razer 2013.

What makes it so popular and entertaining Trump is not only the fact that he is good at the game, but take the time to explain every move in the game to your viewers. Look at the power Trump is usually a good way to learn a thing or two about the game did not know before.

Blizzard has said Trump flags to help make the game early success, with reference to the fact that Trump has reached the highest levels of the game in recent seasons without spending much real value.

Kitten Playing Games

Kitten playing mostly Counter-Strike: Global Offensive , but she has not been great through his game, but his jokes with his viewers.She is one of the nicest people genuinely Twitch, although some viewers might point to their appearance , like his personality when dissecting their success.

the power of Kitty took off last summer, thanks to a few large donations, or rather, live entertainment Kitty reaction later. She has had several of these donations go viral on YouTube reactions, and for good reason. Girl loses her damn mind every time, although I suppose that $ 7,000 will do that to a person.


Jeff Johnston aka MaximusBlack has been on the scene for a while, getting his start as a professional StarCraft II players. His power began in 2014, but when he took a break from the game and began broadcasting World of Warcraft and the League of Legends .His ability in these two games have never been on par with SC II of capacity, but people listen to in any way due to the attractive personality of Johnston.

He is known for dressing in suits running full dimension of mesh and other garments, and is an accomplished singer who has been known to drop below its current rate. It refers to his followers as the Lord of Bouses (a cool way to pronounce manager) and often placed on what suit or let your audience wants next.

Max also made headlines late last year when his wedding livestreamed Twitch. It was broadcast on the site’s home page and Maximo said the entire wedding was paid for with donations from viewers.


Lirik, sometimes DatGuyLirik, has accumulated more than 600,000 followers, mainly through the transmission of ARMA and DayZ , although he and his many friends streaming are known to jump to what the actual game is hot.

Lirik keeps viewers entertained by deliberately seek or create wall or funny scenarios in different games sandbox. Take, for example, this video DayZ . He Never Knew a beheading had many changes.

sing sing

Sing Sing is a professional Dota 2 player known for two things: to be very good at the game, but also not to be afraid to go playmates or spectators during a match.

Sing Sing is also known for coming up with unique play styles and builds often not used by other professional DotA player, and often has made an impact on the game of methane.

Your comments on the game, especially when trolling intentionally, has given rise to several popular phrases used during gaming community.


Walshy, real name Dave Walsh, already considered one of the biggest Halo players of all time, long before the advent of Twitch. He made a name for himself playing and winning many tournaments Major League Gaming back to 2003. It was officially retired from competitive play in 2012, but has maintained a presence in the halo of the community, including his current contraction nervous.

Halo in September players because Walshy remains one of the best minds in the halo of the community, even today. It is streamingMaster Chief Collection and halo 5: Guardians beta and is one of the most important nerve connections to the past history of the series contraction.


Hafu is one of the most popular female Twitch streamers. She began her career in the League of Legends , but they tend to jump to other games these days, including the hearthstone .

Hafu have taken an active voice in the fight for the transmission of players. She has a certain notoriety because of the often misogynistic comments made by male viewers in its current early but pushed through it and now has more than 200,000 followers, although it can still be a lightning rod of controversy in the community twitch.


LethalFrag have increased their power through streaming almost every day for over two years. We have also seen the beard grow with your Twitch channel. He has not shaved since he began his daily marathon.

The man with the crazy beard are known to play a variety of games, but has a special affinity for the faster than light , and wait … flipper.Och not referring to the digital class.

Lethal often put a webcam in a real pinball games and then went to town. It is also famous for its restoration and cataloging of these machines. Maybe it’s not the most exciting content Twitch, but it is certainly an interesting change of pace.

Dance Games

Dan often plays what is the latest and most popular title, but has been known to jump around a pair of independent games. Dan often comments that are very “in the moment” of what happens in spelet.Om something jumps and attacks your character in the game is likely to speak directly with evil NPC, while giving you a SmackDown.

Also not afraid to make fun of himself, and is known to make a pretty silly dance every time someone subscribes or really any time it deems appropriate.


Phantoml0rd is one of the most popular flags in Twitch, approaching 700,000 followers as the publication of this article. He destroys around with a variety of games occasionally, but is best known for his playing professional in the League of Legends .

It is also unfortunately known to deal with the dark side of life Twitch: constant attacks from hackers and prank calls to the police.

An incident in 2013 led to all the parties that tried to play attacked by hackers. He logged on a new game and suddenly the server goes down. As this sense intensified, he attracted his increasingly spectators power. Things escalated when hackers then called police to her home several times, saying it was a hostage situation.

While the Phantom was certainly get some followers because of the publicity of this event, which has managed to retain its following in place by engagement with your viewers and provide feedback on their high level of the League of Legends play in favor of maintaining entertained.


If you’ve ever seen Man vs. Food on the Travel Channel, you should have a good idea of what Jayson Love is trying to accomplish with your Twitch channel. Jayson treats its channel as a television broadcast reality, while moving through the vast catalog of the history of the game, go one on one with each game “worth playing.” It often gives running commentary from start to finally, and more often than not, Stop defeat your enemy.

Take frequent breaks during the game, whenever the game has a pause button, of course, to give their opinion on a variety of topics and answer questions from viewers. It really is one of the closest to a regular television program on Twitch things.


No, not the South Park character. Towelliee play World of Warcraft , Star Wars: The Old Republic , and lots of other online games centered.

Towelliee tank play a character in WoW and created a lot of players to look at their role play high – level World of Warcraft raid scene ‘s, because he is a member of a top guild. But keep watching just to Towelliee is so relaxed and down to earth. He makes frequent draws in their power games and play with your viewers. He also has a tendency to stumble in moments of fun in almost every game he plays.


Summit is one of Twitch popular Counter-Strike player. I used to be in the competitive game, but now flows only title to have fun with their fans, now totaling more than 500,000. Spectators often comment on the summit attitude cool, relaxed. Although sometimes it can be argued, it is a bit too cool about things. Also sickening ride CS: GO cases.


WoWHobbs is an interesting story and a little different from what has been seen before in this list. Hobbs, as he is known by its viewers, contraction is relatively new but has made YouTube videos World of Warcraft and other games, and Burning Crusade era.Hobbs was one of the first users of YouTube to achieve great success making WoW videos, YouTube and many others and snatch personalities credits him today to be an inspiration to what began to produce their own content.

Married with children, Hobbs is a little larger than the regular Twitch streamer, and its channel has a very healthy feeling. There are very few or no 15 year olds screaming profanities stickprovs in chat here.

Hobbs just started to flow seriously Twitch late last year, but has quickly gained a decent, as many of his old fans from his days of YouTube to spread the word about his return.

He also plays hearthstone , Clash of Clans , and other games as he wishes.


Speaking of popular YouTubers, TotalBiscuit probably need no introduction. But unlike Hobbs, cookies Twitch rose to a little earlier train and is now at 300,000 followers and counting.

TotalBiscuit is known as a professional wheel for StarCraft II and Planet 2  and often you can see the transmission of these games on their channel. He also has a deep knowledge of independent games and play a variety of titles both YouTube and Twitch.

Sp00ky team

If fighting games are your thing, there is no better Twitch channel that TeamSp00ky. Spooky is a well known throughout the community fighting games and supports and operates several tournaments in the genre group. TeamSp00ky often escape these tournaments live on their channel, but sometimes team members just log on to a little fun.

Labor union

The association has continued mostly in the nerve canal next to the official account Justin TV with more than 1.2 million follow.Syndicates, or “Tom” to its viewers contraction, especially playing GTA V these days with some Call of Duty , Counter-Strikeand other popular games released on. He is always ready with a quick joke for a given time and has developed a reputation of taking some impressive tricks, both in the game and in real life.


You should look at the bacon donut, because we’re going, it’s like the two best dishes in the world together. But seriously, Bacon Donut is one of the most prominent flags Minecraft on Twitch.

Bacon often come with a unique construction or playing together with their viewers to create innovative designs and divertidos.También is known for bringing adult joke what is traditionally a game for a group of much younger age.


Ms. Vixen is another streamer that could use their success at the start of the competitive games to propel a lucrative career as a full -time serpentine today. The actual names of Lanai Gara, who was once ranked # 1 in the world of Call of Duty: World at War free for all back in 2008-09.

The fact that she is not only one of the best players of Call of Duty  , but also one of the first prominent female athletes eSports his attention in different corners of the track, including Forbes.

Today, she is fortunate to help others, form TeamV game, which regularly collects charity campaigns 24 hours of operation. Its success has also seen your partner with companies like Ubisoft and Microsoft, sometimes giving it a unique broadcasting games before they become available to the public.


Trick2G is a top of the League of Legends streamer with more than 600,000 followers. While players see it for its top – level game, you take the time to explain why he does what he does on the screen, instead of mindlessly mashing buttons, leaving the viewer to figure out his logic.


DeFranco Games led by YouTuber, Philip DeFranco, and what makes this unique channel is that it is really an extension of your YouTube YouTube kanal.Philip used to provide feedback on current issues, many of which usually have nothing to do with the game.

It has developed a large following on YouTube, however, that nearly 200,000 fans and counting have been willing to make the jump to snatch him play FIFA and other games. It often takes the witty comments that gave their subscribers YouTube for more than 8 years.

Serious games

Serious games highlighted in this list, because it is the only husband and wife team who are popular on Twitch. Serious games have Alan and Victoria independently play last itching is often supplemented with World of Warcraft and indie titles during downtime.

The power often has two webcams so you can see both at once, but usually only one is actively playing at a given time.

Power has one of the highest production values in Twitch with flashy graphics and sound. The team also speaks often with his talk, and Alan are in the business of helping viewers to build their own teams. He will build for you stay in power for a fee if you send the parties.

House streamer

There are several houses that have sprung up in Twitch which has several stations shiftwork in a canal.Streamer No one can be one of the most famous of these channels, as it is 24/7.

The house is said to be equipped with more than 20 cameras, covering almost every room. The control center can switch to different set-ups in a given time, which is usually more than one person to play in prime time. Yes, you can even watch them cook breakfast.


The captain is one of the best banners in Twitch with more than 800,000 followers. It is only 10 percent of its 8 million followers on YouTube, which began many years ago.

Sparklez flows mostly Minecraft with a degree in time course of the page. It is known that intentionally create funny situations in the game or build scenes from real life and then role – play within them.

The time taxis have left behind their roots eSports. Yes, events competitive games continue to pull in large numbers of audience, but Twitch has become something bigger than himself in recent eSports åren.Förutom, you can find other great Speedruns content, and much, Player projects local and live sessions, including D & D. the 5 best places to see competitions online games top 5 places to see competitive play online competitive games seem to keep pace. to know where to watch pros compete still can be a problem, however.despite their efforts, many of the places intended for the professional game is … Read more

So if you do not like e – sports and canceled Twitch “it is not for you , ” I ask you to think om.Här are some of the most entertaining Twitch streamers to look not associated with electronic sports in any way.


top pull-streamers-towelliee

Followers: ~ 278,000

Towelliee is one of the 50 most popular Twitch under Streamers classifications of Social sheet . He has the kind of personality and charisma that makes it difficult to set up , even when playing the game is not very interesting. His jokes, anecdotes and confidence are the main reasons for its popularity.

He plays most MMORPG like World of Warcraft , ArcheAge and wild with a strong focus on this type of racing.


top pull-streamers-manvsgame

Followers: ~ 249,000

MANvsGAME streamer ‘sa Twitch channel which is built on a single premise: “to beat every game worth nothing … and even some that are not.” The game is an adaptation of another series of Man vs. Wild and man vs. food and works surprisingly well. Built story makes it much more appealing to the eye.

This streamer began its journey way back in 2010 and you can see a list of your complete sets to see how far he has come. Another advantage is that it is nice and fun to watch, even though it may be a bit too strong for some.


top pull-streamers-itshafu

Followers: ~ 220,000

itsHafu is unique on this list for two reasons: 1) It is a woman, and 2) who is a former competitive player with a record respectable profits in World of Warcraft ‘s Arena PvP in 2008. She does not participate in eSports never more, but his competitive side has come through their current games, including hearthstone and the League of Legends .

His power is relaxed and focused on the community, and grasps them with his supporters, even going so far as to play some games with them and teach them how to improve.


top pull-streamers-lethalfrag

Followers: ~ 181,000

Best known for its streaming challenge of two years, where he successfully transmitted 731 consecutive days to build your audience,LethalFrag is an excellent example of the success of Twitch. Through pure devotion, and rose of any status of being one of the 100 most popular Streamers Twitch.

Despite its name, you will not find much shooter fragging depending on their channel. Instead, he plays mostly independent game with a high replay value, as FTL , The Binding of Isaac , and Super Meat Boy .

Dance Games

snatch top-streamers-dance games

Followers: ~ 168,000

Dancing games is a fun and mature serpentine strongly engage with your audience. Sometimes he’ll just hang out without playing something to relax with fans and talk about what games substances pass to appear.

But mostly, play a variety of single – player games like Skyrim and Diablo III, with the occasional foray into the lesser – known titles asarchitect prison and Hohokum .

This is a great channel to see if you want something a little softer than usual, without wetting the boring area.


top pull-streamers-xsmak

Followers: ~ 62,000

As one of the few Twitch streamers with a real voice on the radio, xSmaK is a joy to see. He has a certain serenity and maturity that most lack serpentines, and can be received as “boring” for some, but for me, it became one of the most colorful streamers there ago.

For the most part, it is played much of the standalone version of DayZ , but occasionally to dig in other games that give you a sense of challenge. Even if you are like me and have never played DayZ , his power is still worth seeing for its mature single environment.


top pull-streamers-opnerd

Followers: 12000

The other flags in this list can belittle OPNerd number of followers’ s, but do not have in mind. He is a regular figure that is building its fan base one day at a time, similar to what the mentioned LethalFrag made a few years ago. Given enough time, who knows how big it going to end?

At this time, mainly plays Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas , but there are days when your schedule dedicated to playing other games what it feels like to play. He plans to move to other RPGs open world when it ends its Fallout playthroughs, so expect the channel to focus primarily on the type of game. Play your way: 4 game Sandbox Kingdom above the rest Play your way: 4 United sandbox games to rest a sandbox poorly executed games are a waste of time, but when done right, can be transported to a new world full of wonder, excitement and experiences. Read more

Bono: BandanaRob

top pull-streamers-bandanarob

Followers: ~ 1800

Our own Robert Wiesehan is also a serpentine Twitch, is known from BandanaRob . It may not be a household name yet, but their playthroughs are entertaining and his audience is constantly growing thanks to his own advice on how to build a Twitch public .

by numbers

  • 9.7 million active users per day
  • More than 2 million individual coils per month
  • More than 17,000 members Twitch Partner Program
  • 106 daily see minutes per viewer
  • On top of more than 2 million simultaneous viewers around the site
  • More than $ 46 million the Twitch community and charity collected.

Why you are being transmitted to someone?

It’s fun and by connecting with friends and fans in the form of a common passion for games and creative projects emerges a new social network. Many streamer life with Twitch are won by how well they entertain their audience and interact with it.

Why do people look at Twitch?

  • People like to see others who are particularly gifted or extremely entertaining when it comes to a common interest.
  • Twitch is an honest way to discover and purchase decisions influenced video game testing ‘.
  • Twitch is more than the viewer experience: it is a social video and audio chats Networkthat used to allow streamer and your audience to interact in real time with everything from games to pop culture and life in general.

What are the contents?

  • Games : Every game and every game genre is in the twitch!
  • The user – generated programs : created by members of the community of original content. This can be casual games with friends, a unique subculture as running or a speed game Twitch play games generated by driven chat.
  • ESPORTS : competitive games has its own ecosystem with shows and events that are dedicated to this growing sport.Twitch includes the best teams, leagues, talk shows and all important events.
  • Publishers / developers : Every major video game publisher and developer has a Twitch channel.
  • Editorial : All major media sites have video game Twitch channel offer its readers live content.
  • Events : Worldwide, Twitch is used for forums, press conferences and exhibitions.
  • Twitch creative: A place for artists where they can show off the creative process Whether it is a painting, a song, or food preparation. The rules for creative channel are listed here.